The Wrong Gate


It wasn’t on purpose!  I definitely was embarrassed and even sad, over what I had done.  I wasn’t paying enough attention.  It made me miss something important, evening worship.  Arriving at the building, services were over.


I had gone deer hunting with my brother-in-law, Sunday afternoon.  I left them in plenty of time to get to Lubbock and church.  I even had the correct key.  However, pulling up to the pasture gate, I couldn’t get the padlock unfastened to leave.  I fiddled with it for half an hour with no success.  I dialed for help, but my phone wouldn’t call out.  Finally, I resigned myself to wait for the others, who would be along in a little while.  When, at last, they showed up, it turned out there were two gates exiting this unfamiliar property and I had been sitting at the wrong one!


Perhaps my mishap wasn’t so bad.  Yet, Jesus once spoke of two gates, one leading to life; the other to destruction.  He said the wide gate is easily found by many, while only a few would do the searching necessary to find the gate to life.  Sunday, I found myself at the wrong gate.  Let us all strive to be at the correct gate come judgment day!

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