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We’ve all heard the story of the Little Red Hen. She decided, one day, to make some wonderfully delicious bread.  She asked her fellow barnyard animals who would like to help pick the necessary grain.  Each had a different excuse and turned her down.  She did it herself.  Next, she invited those same friends to help thresh the grain.  Once more, all were far too busy.  Having finished that stage of the project, she begged for help to grind the grain into flour.  No takers!  By the tale’s end, she had baked a beautiful fragrant loaf with aid from no one.  “Are there any, now, who like to help me eat this bread?” she inquired.  Immediately, everyone on the farm volunteered!  “Sorry,” she replied, “this loaf is only for me and my little chicks.”


Sometimes the church is little different from that barnyard.  Many are eager to enjoy the benefits: few to do the work!  I’ve always appreciated the attitude of God’s people in Nehemiah’s day.  They faced a huge task of rebuilding the walls and gates of Jerusalem.  Still, it was accomplished in world record time, because each inhabitant of the city volunteered to work on the small part immediately next to their home. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with 100% involvement!


We need that level of involvement at Parkway Drive.  VBS is coming!  Regular bible classes need to be taught.  Many other chores clamor for someone willing to work.  Besides these, there must be a thousand opportunities for outreach.  Will I be the member who sits on a pew each Sunday profiting from the labor of others, while contributing little of my own?  Or, can I truly say I am doing my part?  The choice is yours and mine!  May the Lord bless!                    Monty

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