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God is not far away.  The Apostle Paul expressed this beautiful truth in Acts 17:22 while addressing the assembly at the Areopagus in Athens.  Paul explained the true God is not made of wood, stone or metal but is the Creator of the heavens and earth and all therein.  He is however invisible to our earthly eyes.  He IS near to each of us and we can reach out to touch Him if we but try.

August 1991, found us in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil as missionaries.  Our youngest son become ill over the weekend.  As concerned parents we sought medical advice due to his high fever.  After several attempts at several places in Salvador, we were told our 7 year old had the Brazilian strain of mumps.  Go home, he will be fine in a few days.  As a mother, I still questioned the doctor’s diagnoses but it made since.  Although inoculated,  we were in Brazil and so it made sense to me.  We went home to nurse him back to health.

But health was not to be his.   “You are MY MOM, do something!”, he exclaimed as I put him to bed.  Oh how I wanted to but couldn’t.  So I did the next best thing,  I told him when it gets so bad you can’t take it anymore, Jesus will make it better.”  His head hurt, he said his heart was acting funny.  He was blind and he was scared.   He seemed to relax some.Easr Early the next morning, he awoke agitated, and unable to walk, and then blind.  His dad and I rushed him 30 miles down the coast back to the doctor.  He kept reaching his hand out.  I would take it and ask, “What do you want Matthew? I’ll get it for you.”  He weakly said, “I am trying to touch Jesus’ hand.”  At those words, he his little hand closed in the air and he slipped in coma for 54 hours.  The last night at the hospital, as my husband and I bade him good night, we both told him, we knew he had reached for Jesus and that Jesus had taken his hand and if he wanted to stay there, It was O.K. with us.  He stayed there.  It hurts horribly. Children are not to die before their parents, but it happened.  It continues to happen.  But God was RIGHT THERE.  God is closer to us than we think.  We just need to draw near to Him.

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