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No law required him to do it.  Nor was it standard practice for the day.  Yet, meeting Melchizekek as he returned from victory over five marauding kings, Genesis 14:20 tells us, “Abraham gave him a tenth of everything.”  Apparently he did so, for no other reason than this was a high priest and Abraham desired to be involved in his work for God.

Since that time, giving has been an identifying mark of the people of God.  In Genesis 28:22, Jacob made covenant with Jehovah and promised a tenth of all he owned.  This practice was later incorporated into the Law of Moses.  The Children of Israel, over the generations, continued to offer a tithe to the Lord.  While a tenth isn’t specifically mentioned in the New Testament, as the church began, the underlying principle remained the same.  That, of course, is why we still, today, hold regular contributions in our assemblies.

The work at Parkway requires giving.  I pray each member will take this responsibility seriously.  We need consistent givers, not those who search their pocket, Sunday, to see if they happen to have anything to offer, but who purposefully plan their contribution.  We are grateful for Christians who, even when absent, due to travel or illness, make it a point to see their gift does not falter.  This spirit of reliability shows they are truly committed to Christ.

Of course, not all offerings need be placed in the collection plate.  Where did the money for the work on the back lawn come from?  How is the new A/C unit going to be payed for?  Someone cared enough for the cause of Christ to make these things happen.  We recently had out of town Jones family visit worship and leave a sizeable check, simply for the love of God.  Blessings upon them!  What about me?  What have I given?  In truth, the Lord sees every kind of gift, be it eggs, kindness to needy brothers, volunteer work at the church building, bible class teaching, or even, Jesus said, a cup of cold water.  As II Corinthians 8:7 exhorts us, let us excel in the gracious work of giving!                 Monty

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