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With a very heavy heart, we made the decision to close Bible Barn in North Indiana Gardens, 3432, 34th on August 31. 2008.  The market is changing so much and the economy forced us to make this decision.  However, biblebarnblog.net is still up and running and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Monty and Melody have been in the Lord’s service since before they married in 1980.  We have served the Lord in Midland, Texas with Ft. Worth and Jax Street, Fairmont Park and Midland Christian School.  Our first son, Micah was born while serving here.  We then served in Happy, Texas for 6 years  where our second son, Matthew was born.  We moved to Tahlequah, Oklahoma briefly before joining Tim and Janet Brumfield on the mission field of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

We loved working in Salvador and have many wonderful memories of our time there. It was while in Salvador, that our youngest son, Matthew who was 7 years old, contracted a bacterial form of spinal meningitis.  Although, we sought medical help in the early stages, this particular strain had a “window” where it could be present in the system and still show negative in a spinal tap.  Thus, when we thought, Matthew was getting better and able to rest and sleep, he was actually in the early stages of acoma.  On Wednesday morning, August 7, 1991 we rushed him to the hospital.  He had lost his eyesight and ability to walk.

While in route to the hospital some 20 miles away, Matthew kept reaching out his hand.  Melody would take it and he would push her away, telling her “no.”  In desperation to help him, Melody told him she would get him whatever he wanted.  It was then, Matthew said his final words, “I am reaching for Jesus’ hand.”  With those last words, Matthew’s hand,  closed in the air as he took the hand of Jesus and slipped into deep acoma, never to awaken.

Our little soldier is buried in Happy, Texas and is forever safe in the arms of Jesus until we are gathered home.


Monty was raised on the mission fields of the North East, Washington and Brazil. He began preaching in Arch, New Mexico in 1976. He is a graduate of Sunset School of Preaching, now known as Sunset International Bible Institute.

Melody went through the Lubbock Christian School system from kindergarten through 4 years of college. She has taught at Midland Christian, Pecos and Kermit schools.

In January 2007, we made the decision to move to Lubbock so that we could be close to our parents.  Soon after that, Ted and Dot Stewart announced they would be retiring in June.
Lubbock has a history of Christian bookstores with Ron and Betty Bailey and the Stewarts.  Thus, we are starting out small as they did trusting in the brotherhood to help us grow. We have every confidence the Lord will continue to bless our venture. Come see us!  Come grow with us!!!

Here are a few pictures of our ribbon cutting ceremony with the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, October 10, 2007.  The other pictures are inside our store and our first booth at Sunset Church of Christ Leadership Forum in January 2008.

Indiana Gardens sign

ribbon cutting ceremony

inside bible barn

booth at sunset jan08

About Bible Barn

We are a Christian faith-based and family business seeking to serve God by serving His children of West Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and beyond. We are blessed to be able to serve God by serving His children. Stop by, email or call anytime.

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